Building Great Leaders

Building Great Leaders

Kyle Gorman developed Employer Blueprint a leadership training program that guides managers to greater success. These proven methods will help professionals streamline communication, enhance professionalism, and lay a foundation for growth.

About Employer Blueprint

Having a strong team around you is vital to your success. Many professionals excel in business due to their industry expertise, yet may not have experience developing strong teams or managing personnel. This is my passion – it’s where I can help you succeed. Whether you are developing an annual review process, coaching an employee, or trying to build a healthy company culture, Employer Blueprint is your resource. I look forward to learning about your business and helping you take it to the next level!

Improve Your Company

Build Communication

As your organization faces challenges, you must constantly be communicating with your team to keep them up-to-date. If your team is left in the dark, you may begin to lose trust and you will likely see employee moral deteriorate.

Increase Efficiency

If your organization is facing any type of challenge, you need to communicate quickly with your team to avoid distrust and rumors. Your communication style in the midst of challenges sets the tone for your overall communication culture.

Listen to Your Peers

If you do not have a peer advisory group, I encourage you to find one immediately or create one of your own. It is important to learn from your peers and to share your knowledge and expertise as well.

Jenny Jackson, Ed.D., MBA is a leader with 17 years of experience in training, organization development, management, and higher education. She has held numerous roles in healthcare, including chief executive officer of a non-profit physician-hospital organization.

She has been responsible for the cultivation of company culture, managing organizational budgets, staff and operational needs, and project management. Jenny has also held multiple adjunct faculty appointments in leadership, business, and management, teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

Jenny is a servant leader who enjoys partnering with other leaders to build strong teams and organizations. Her passion and enthusiasm for positive communication, employee engagement, and building trust brings a fresh outlook to the organizations she works with.

Jenny holds a doctorate in organizational leadership and a masters in business administration from Western Kentucky University. Her research interests include physician leadership, women in leadership, and leadership & introversion.

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